Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Egg Drop Soup

So I am usually not a fan of buffets. Too much food, kept close together, just assaults the senses. And I (and most people I know) hardly ever taste anything properly since I am too tempted to pair my food properly. Its just a matter of 'oooh, this looks good, and this, and this, and this...' and before you know it, you have a market worth of food on a plate.

So when I went to a wedding last saturday at Blue Waters Hotel, Wadduwa, I headed straight to the soup section first. We Sri Lankans like our soup occasionally, but at a buffet, not everyone is interested. The stampede is usually for the rice. So I had the soup station, with the soft dinner rolls and cubes of butter, all to myself. And they had my favorite soup, egg drop. And then I shocked all my friends and relations and had only a bowl of soup and several dinner rolls for dinner. Sensational. One of the best dinners I've had recently. My mother even had a 'talk' with me for not eating properly (for more information on how Sri Lankan mothers like to 'talk' to their offspring, check out JehanR's viral youtube video here. I can totally relate).

Why this egg drop soup turned out to so good, was because of the Chef's superb timing. The corn was tender, but the egg, oh the egg! It wasn't the bits of rubber that you usually find at buffets. This was proper, tender, just cooked egg. With the flecks of red chillie flakes that we Sri Lankans always appreciate in anything we eat, seasoned perfectly. Cheers to the chef. (And in case you are wondering, no, I have no commercial interest whatsoever in Blue Waters Hotel. It was just a delicious egg drop soup, that I would go back for). Looking at the picture now, I wish I could go back right about now.

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